Employee relationship and turnover analysis

How can you get accurate information about the causes of employee turnover, if nobody in your team will tell you that they are planning to leave your company?

Companies that fail to retain high performers are left with a less-qualified workforce, which ultimately hinders their ability to remain competitive. To understand the needs, concerns and expectations of employees, you need to regularly survey them for information. But it is sometimes challenging to get honest responses from employees, even when the survey is anonymized. 

Attrition modeling is a solution provided by R-Insights that can overcome this limitation. It is a direct application of turnover research that can favorably impact workforce planning and, through the use of data mining in big companies, it accurately predicts employee attrition and allows you to take measures to prevent it. 

Employee relationship analysis provides valuable insights for:

  • Understanding the real needs and concerns of your current employees.
  • Forecasting possible employee churn and preventing it in a timely manner.
  • Improving human resource management practices throughout your company.

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