Retail audit

Can you be sure that your brands and products are effectively displayed in retail outlets?

Even with increasing e-commerce, offline retailers continue to play a key role in the high-end shopping experience, but increasing competition for limited space may damage your company’s visibility and sales. 

A retail audit is a primary data collection process involving a trained auditor that visits retail locations and validates information related to your brand and products including their distribution, stock cover, display, sales and so on. A retail audit regularly monitors sales of specific products and categories, using a permanent sample of retail outlets. 

R-Insights measures a wide range of indicators through retail audits, including the following:   

  • Sales volume
  • Stock levels (shelf and back stock)
  • Descriptions of in-store displays and promotional materials
  • Competitor activity
  • Planogram compliance (shelf location, number of facings present, number of SKUs present, missing/inaccurate shelf tags)
  • Pricing
  • In-store location of products
  • Product damage

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