Policy analysis

As a public policy maker, how can you assess past and present conditions, and forecast future trends?

Public policy is dynamic and requires you to adjust policies regularly, based on the changing internal and external conditions and needs. Policy analysis helps define and outline the goals of a proposed policy and identify similarities and differences in expected outcomes and estimated costs with competing alternative policies.

R-Insights combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies and provides answers relevant to all stages of the policy cycle (policy formulation, implementation and evaluation), including:

  • Defining the nature, size and distribution of the problem when setting your agenda.
  • Mapping your stakeholders.
  • Revealing and forecasting the needs of your main stakeholders.
  • Analyzing decisions during policy design.
  • Organizing public opinion polls for policy legitimation.
  • Conducting a formative evaluation before implementation.
  • Conducting a summative evaluation to measure the impact of the policy.

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